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Founded in Silicon Valley, we are a team of engineers with expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics. Foresight AI is building a global-scale data and intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles and other mobile robots. We believe that realistic, three-dimensional, semantic data will empower and enable robots to develop human-like intelligence.

We are establishing a "training academy" for intensively training the mobile robots to navigate in the world autonomously, safely and naturally.


Training academy for mobile robots

We immerse the mobile robots into a training academy, where they navigate in a semantic 3D environment and learn from real-world driving scenarios. The training academy is a subscription based data and software service, with some semantic 3D data samples and data processing software shown below.

Colorized point cloud

Semantic road map

Driving scenarios

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We welcome parties from all industries, who want to improve their autonomous robotic platform. Our mission is to empower mobile robots with accurate, semantic, dynamic, 3D data and real human intelligence.

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