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You are invited to preview our large-scale 3D datasets in a browser (Chrome is fully supported and tested). Please click the button below and get invited to visit our data portal. (Terms of Use)

Foresight AI builds data platforms for mobile robots.

Founded in the Silicon Valley, we are a team of engineers with expertise and experience in artificial intelligence and robotics.

We build a global-scale data platform for self driving cars, delivery robots, automated logistics, and agriculture machinery.  We believe that realistic 3D data with human intelligence will empower robots to develop human-like intelligence.  

Areas of focus

  • computer vision

  • machine learning

  • robotics

  • sensor fusion

  • embedded systems

  • cloud + edge computing

product: dynamic hD map 

We provide a high-definition (verified 5cm accuracy), dense, semantic, three-dimentional, "dynamic map." The map includes both static environment and dynamic scenarios supporting mobile robots, as a realistic replica of the complex and dynamic 3D world.

We have launched a web based data portal (https://data.foresight.ai) for everyone in the world to explore, view, request, and download dynamic HD map data. Please check out the data portal!


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