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Founded in Silicon Valley, we are a team of engineers with expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics. Foresight AI is building a global-scale data and intelligence platform for self-driving cars and delivery robots. We believe that realistic, three-dimensional, high-definition data will empower and enable robots to develop human-like intelligence.

We are essentially setting up a "training academy" for intensively training the mobile robots, before they can navigate in the world autonomously, safely and naturally.


Dynamic High-Definition Maps

A reconstruction of the dynamic world derived from real-world data captured by our 3D sensor systems. Our map is comprised of three inter-dependent layers, shown in the figure below. For more details, please check our recent blog post.

Geometric layer - colorized 3D point cloud

Semantic layer - road map

Dynamic layer - driving scenarios

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We welcome parties from all industries, who want to improve their autonomous robotic platform. Our mission is to empower mobile robots with accurate, semantic, dynamic, 3D data and real human intelligence.

Visualization portal

Check existing data layers and share your private ones at ease.


We are providing development kits for seamlessly integration.



Interested in foreseeing the future with us? Check to see all available positions. We're proud of having a world-class team, an open and transparent culture. We're looking for passionate team members who would like to join this exciting journey with us.

We are building a "training academy" for autonomous mobile robots, where they learn from accurate, semantic, dynamic, 3D data and develop human-like intelligence.

Chang Yuan, CEO & Co-founder

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